Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica effects without pedals

Aha a fellow veteran! Thanks John. Wow 180 nights, that's serious gigging! Keep on Harpin' back at ya!

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Yes, very refreshing. I've been playing for 40+ yrs and play regularly with a band, in fact 180 nights this year! I have never used any effects. I have a Sonny Jr amp and love the "little Walter" sound but I also do several songs through a clean vocal mic using my mouth and hands to get different sounds and effects. I think too many young harp & guitar players buy & rely on effect petals and not on technique! Keep on harpin'!!!

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I'm having fun experimenting with creating various harmonica effects using mouth and tongue shapings to produce (hopefully!) flanger & delay and phasing type of effects on this soundcloud file containing 3 samples.

Anyone else playing around with this sort of thing or other effects?

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