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> From: Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>
> Danny Welton is not an easy guy to work with; saw this close up at the 1994 SPAH convention, while George Smith is not someone who would have been on the radar of people working with Sinatra. Toots would have been on their radar, and could have worked out on a better day, perhaps. Tommy Morgan would have defintely been on the radar and in LA , would have been the guy to call normally.

I just asked Tom, and apparently , he never worked with Frank, at least that's what he remembers ....not doing. 

Tom had similar thoughts about Danny, I think, from that same SPAH convention....before my time.

That must have been some convention. 

At he only SPAH  convention I've been at, Sacramento, the most memorable peripheral highlight was when some  EMTs  tried to  remove Michael Polesky's daughter's head from between some railings by the pool.

The EMT guys weren't musicians, but, like musicians, they'd learned not to underestimate the importance of The Ears.

She lives. Michael, unfortunately, doesn't, except in our thoughts.

jon kip

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