Re: [Harp-L] Call Me The Breeze

"Brian Irving" wrote:
<Any useful examples of someone playing harp on jj Cale's Call Me The Breeze?

I recorded this piece with the English blues duo Sugar Mama UK about a decade ago.  I just checked CDBaby (, and discovered that this is one of the few pieces on the record that you can't stream from CDBaby.  So I can't say "go check it out." (I am of course obliged to note here that this recording was undoubtedly the best performance of the piece ever, and anyone reading this should go right out and buy copies for themselves, friends, family, and even pets.  Yes, right now.  Go ahead, I'll wait here for you...)

As I recall, I played the piece at this session using an A harp in second position, unamped.  It was very much a straightforward blues in terms of structure and feel, and I played it from a rural blues trick bag: lots of hand articulations, vamping on the chords, etc.  The only other thing I can add is that the lyric is pretty carefree, and that's the emotion I'd put into it if I was recording it today.

As I recall further, Jimmy Gordon (, who posts to this list occasionally, did a few tours with Mr. Cale.  If Jimmy's reading this, perhaps he can advise on how he approached the tune with the composer standing next to him onstage.

Regards, Richard Hunter


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