Re: [Harp-L] Sinuses and Chromatics

Well, I've had sinus trouble all my life, which means 60+ years. My problem manifests itself as a blocked right nostril. I can clear it by being out in the fresh air, by leaning over to the left, and by engaging in certain activities inconsistent with harmonica playing.  ;-) Most of the time I just have to put up with it. I thought for years that it was a recurring infection, but I was eventually told that I have a nerve in my face that just doesn't work very well. I wouldn't get too obsessed with harmonica cleaning. Just wash your unvalved, plastic combed harps under a stream of warm water. Any harp that can't be cleaned that way,  wipe the mouthpieces well and allow them to dry out thoroughly after playing before putting them away. Germs, if there are any, can't stand being desiccated!  

All the best. I feel your pain!  

> I'm a little frustrated.  Here's my problem.  I've been fighting a sinus
> infection for about 4 years.  I try to keep my harps sterilized.  My
> cleaning process is an ultrasound cleaner with a few drops of dish soap,
> followed by a couple minutes in 180 proof grain alcohol, followed by an
> ozone treatment once they are dry.  That means I only play plastic combed
> harps, which I am fine with.  I'd like to try chromatics, but the Hohner
> educator ten, which has no valves takes too much air for me with the
> breathing/sinus issues.  My understanding is there are three, maybe four
> ways to play chromatic.  My "feeling" is that any harp with valves will
> suffer from my cleaning regimen, which rules out most chromatics and any
> half valved harps.  Becoming a bending master like Howard Levy seems too
> optimistic for my current intermediate skill set and the amount of spare
> time in my life, which seems to leave special tunings maybe?  Or just
> forgetting it till I get the health issues whipped?  

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