[Harp-L] Couple harps for sale

I have for sale a self-customized SP20 with a Blue Moon comb. I ordered the Reed Plates from Hohner, gapped and lightly embossed the slots. Plays great, key of C. The comb is burnished aluminum, I believe it's called. Only reason I am selling it is because I want to get another comb. I found I really like the clear acrylic comb. 
I have about 80 bucks tied up in this, played very little. Best offer over 60 and I will pay shipping.

I will also sell a Power Bender, a Harpmaster in A, one of Brendan Power's early creations. I think I paid somewhere around 100 bucks for this one. $25 would buy it.

Also have a couple of Astatic 200 mice in perfect condition (haven't tested them in years). Will entertain offers.

Steve in Minn.

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