Re: [Harp-L] New Orleans harmonica

I doubt it, Sebastian. I like the idea though. It would have to be in a
string band
setting, I think. If it was with horns, the harp would require
amplification, and I just wouldn't
want to see things go down that track.
I don't hear any harp players going down a track that lead towards this
Where are players influenced by Rhythm Willie & Blues Birdhead? (ie playing
harp like Louis on the horn)
I'm trying myself; I'll let you know when I think I'm getting close but I'm
getting old.
Anyone messing with "jazz" on diatonic is usually thinking "post Miles", I
suspect because they don't think they need to learn
anything about chord changes.
Anyone out there playing blues with a VI-II-V-I turnaround?

On 14 November 2015 at 01:28, SÃbastien FrÃmal <sebastien.fremal@xxxxxxxxx>

> There are harmonica players playing New Orleans Jazz ? :)
> SF

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