[Harp-L] War -- and lots of it

WAR - Greatest Hits

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For those interested in the notion of how to integrate the harmonica in a band, always a tricky thing, and not so much the harmonicist standing on his head and playing fast and tricky things (to impress other harmonica players), thereÂs always been Lee Oskar and War to look at. (These days theyÂre called The Lowrider Band.)Â 
HereÂs five and a half hours of them, some stuff from to the very beginning, with Eric Burdon, up through the the phases of their career. (For some reason "Mother Earth" is not included, which is something of an oversight, but why complain.) 
 Enjoy LOÂs great sound, before he fell prey to all those pedals and what not.
Cheers /Martin

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