Re: [Harp-L] A Brief History of How Musicians Get Paid

Trip Henderson write:

Following up on a recent thread. I imagine its different depending on the
local music ecosystem but here in New York City if its a bar gig its cash,
if its a corporate gig or an institution like a museum or cultural center
its a check. If I'm the leader and its a gig paid by check I'll pay my band
in cash - who doesn't want cash? Lastly, the paid by check gigs are
generally the better paying jobs so if I'm fronting the money I'll
sometimes take a leaders fee.

---It's generally the same in my area, the tri-state region of West Virginia/Virginia/Tennessee.  I would add that, if I am the leader and I have to fill out a W4 to get paid, I'll calculate the  amount of tax I will have to pay on the check and deduct each band member's share of the tax from their payment.
WVa Bob
P.S. I always tell any employer we prefer cash if possible; if they aren't required to have me fill out a W4, they are often amendable to this...probably for their own reasons ;-)
WVa Bob 

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