Re: [Harp-L] A Brief History of How Musicians Get Paid

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On Nov 12, 2015, at 10:38 AM, Rick Dempster wrote:

> Here in Oz, it's all cash, unless it's a corporate event.
> For a couple of years some time back, we all had to have a "business
> number" and had to sign books.
> It's all faded away. Support for live music, at least here in Melbourne, is
> very strong.
> Stronger than I had ever imagined, until I was coaxed into this, protesting
> against
> a law that said every gig had to have two bouncers at the door (it was
> closing down so many gigs)
> Here's me in front of a crowd of some ten-thousand, rallying against the
> laws, in front of the Victorian parliament house.
> That's not a strong wind blowing my notes; that's my hands shaking!
> (There is harp content here- I also play)
> RD
> On 12 November 2015 at 11:49, Trip Henderson <> wrote:
>> Following up on a recent thread. I imagine its different depending on the
>> local music ecosystem but here in New York City if its a bar gig its cash,
>> if its a corporate gig or an institution like a museum or cultural center
>> its a check. If I'm the leader and its a gig paid by check I'll pay my band
>> in cash - who doesn't want cash? Lastly, the paid by check gigs are
>> generally the better paying jobs so if I'm fronting the money I'll
>> sometimes take a leaders fee.
>> Now for a little history:
>> --
>> *Trip Henderson*

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