Re: [Harp-L] Chorus pedal

Hi Martin, if you've got a RP 150 then try Richards patch set. I use a 150 with the patches and it has some really good chorus settings. The revels and delays are really great too.

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> On 9 Nov 2015, at 22:42, martin oldsberg <martinoldsberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can anybody give me a suggestion for an inexpensive but functional chorus pedal?
> IÂm basically looking for that accordion sound; and IÂve tried to find some settings on my old RP 150 that would do the job but they arenÂt really convincing. They tend either to be a bit un-distinct or, when the "chorus" aspect gets more emphasized, they sound like an accordion thatÂs badly in need of a tuning.
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