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Paul was criticized by some for not tongue blocking, but this video by Levon Helm demonstrates what appears to be a variation of U-blocking


If anyone has listened to the Homespun release of the Paul Butterfield lessons, there is really not much indication of Paul's technique. The lessons first came out on audio cassette than CD and a book. And I love just about everything -- harmonica and guitar and piano -- that homespun has put over the years. They have some of best quality and enlightening instructional material going. But the Butterfield is a curiosity. 

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---- philharpn@xxxxxxx wrote: > The complete 14-CD Butterfield box set1965-1980 to due to be released Nov. 13. Big bucks $75.> > > ><>>> Paul Butterfield played harp upside down (low notes to right).> > Isthere an advantage to this?>  i know he played flute...probably beforeharp...and probably just preferred having the notes like that...> > > >> > > > > > 

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