Re: [Harp-L] Gig payment for harp players

On Nov 8, 2015, at 11:08 AM, Robert Hale wrote:

> Do most clubs pay cash to the band?

No, but some do. Usually in an envelope. Or envelopes. 

> Do they pay by check, then cash the check for the band?

They pay by check. Usually to the leader. One club I know makes out 4 separate checks.  

> Do band leaders arrive with cash to pay the band, then go deposit the check
> next day?

Some do. Most don't. Some leaders have a business account. Some checks are made out to cash. 
> What about tax ID number?

Usually depends on the agreement. Some musicians don't want a record of the transaction(s). 

> What is negotiable?

All of the above..and more. Tips can be split equally OR favor one or more members.  I never claim tips beCAUSE:
since someone has already paid taxes on that money, I could hardly be expected to pay 'double tax' on it.  lolol.

> What differences across large to small gigs?

Large gigs generally have regulations. Small gigs can be dealt with on a more 'personal' level. 
> Your experience, please?

It benefits the clubs to pay by check. That way they have an expense deduction on their taxes. This puts the musicians in the position of:
either claiming the income OR neglecting to remember to claim that income.  
> Robert Hale
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> Robert Hale

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