[Harp-L] Amped harp: volume varies from patch to patch

I love playing amped harp!
and have used several generations of processors* over the years.
I tried these methods to make the patches occur at similar volume:

   - single notes, and chords
   - high tones and low
   - with headphones, and with speaker
   - oscillator tone, and white noise

Carefull as I am to set equal volume (at home), patches sound SO different
when roaring with the band.

I will sometimes tweak the saved levels while on stage, but would rather
not stop to adjust it. I have even taken a brief moment on break to tap
quickly thru my 10 sounds, to find the ones that pop out, or are too low.
It's effective for the ROOM but not the same as with the band playing.

I do have some volume control at the mic, but some effects are
level-dependant: Distortions, Envelope followers, etc. I am a little bit
aware of masking as frequencies peak and null in the room, but how do I get
my sounds CLOSE to the same perceived output?

Your experience, please?

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

*RP355, thank you to Richard Hunter

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