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'Overbend' is just a cover-all term for 'over blowing' or 'over drawing'.
All bends result in the opposing reed going 'up'. All bends are the same.
Each reed has two pitches: it's natural one (a blow C reed blows C) and
it's 'reverse' pitch
(a blow C will play C# when drawn) A reed isolated from it's pair can
always be bent down,
but if it is paired, like on an unvalved diatonic, it will bend only as far
as the reverse pitch of it's pair.
So when you draw down the draw 1 on a C harp (the D note) the C reed is
vibrating as well in sympathy, because the flattening of the D is close to
the drawn pitch of the blow C reed,
and the draw reed will stop vibrating just short of C# (or Db if you
prefer) and the blow reed takes over.
You are then 'over bending' over drawing or whatever you want to call it.
(I know that's not what everybody else calls it, but it's no different)
The BIG difference between 'conventional' bends and so-called 'over bends'
is that when you blow hole 1 on a C harp, and attempt to push it down
in an attempt to 'overblow', the paired reed does not vibrate in sympathy,
because it's reverse pitch is far above the C reed (the D reeds reverse
pitch is Eb or D#)
So there is no 'helper' reed vibrating sympathetically. You have to start
the reverse movement from nothing.
You will eventually get the D reed to play Eb, if the harp is adjusted
right.( Hole 6 is the easiest one to 'overblow', and will usually work on
most harps.
It's similar to hitting a conventional bend without any slurring; say, an A
note on draw 3 of a C harp. You will get a 'dead' spot before the note
Try taking the covers off a harp and watch what happens in a mirror. Also,
try covering one reed with a finger, and playing the exposed reed with both
draw and blow.
On, a full bend, say a draw, you will see that the reed that the draw reed
stops vibrating, and the blow reed vibrates.
Hope this doesn't mess your head too much!

On 6 November 2015 at 07:08, Robert Hale <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Draw bends go down
> Blow bends go down
> Overblows go up
> Do Overbends go up also?
> Robert Hale
> Serious Honkage in Arizona

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