Re: [Harp-L] Huntersounds for Korg Pandora Stomp

Might be obvious to some, but in case you didn't do this, make sure that
next time you call Korg tech support, or Microsoft tech support, or
whatever kind of tech support you can get for free (I used to use my
internet provider's tech support for general computer troubleshooting...
sometimes those people really know their way around a computer!)

The reason to check with tech support and not just assume there's a
defective hardware issue is this: many times there is simply some
background setting that isn't configured correctly. If you're just a normal
person who uses a computer, you will NEVER figure out those little things!
You need a real computer geek to solve those things. Sometimes they are so
simple you want to slap yourself, but if you don't know you don't know.
Things ought to be plug&play, but there's often some little deep background
configuration that has to be adjusted.

Call tech support and they'll walk you through. If one tech support guy
can't figure it out, call again and get a different person, or call a
different tech support company. One of them will know what to do.


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