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Michael Worked on My Chrome as well a few years back and did a Great job as well. Great Communication to. I've sent people his way and all the same results. 
Kudo's Michael 
Johnny "Ace" Custom Harp Mic's 

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Just wanted to say that I recently got Michael Easton to build a 270 for me. It's a beautiful piece of work, a great chromatic harmonica that does everything I need a chromatic to do...furthermore, I've found Michael great to deal with. He's honest, forthright and most helpful. Due to my own mistakes, I have had to send the harp back to him a couple of times for repairs. Michael fixed the harp and got it back to me quickly, and was most courteous and helpful in his attempts help me understand how I could avoid similar problems in the future. I recommend him highly!WVa Bob 

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