Re: [Harp-L] Huntersounds for Korg Pandora Stomp and Fender Mustang

Tony Eyers wrote:
<I'm sitting by my computer in Australia, dollars in hand, waiting for 
<the Pandora patches.

Yeah, me too...

I had a setback with the Pandora.  I bought the device, loaded the software supplied by Korg into my computer, and... the software would not communicate with the device.  That's a problem, because without the software I can't save the patches I create, and my customers can't load those patches.  

After an hour of testing, and on the theory that perhaps the device is defective, I returned it and am awaiting delivery of another. If this one doesn't work with the computer, I'm abandoning the device, because I have a responsibility to my customers to deliver stuff that works. 

I'll know in a day or two. I'm hoping it works.  The form factor for the Pandora is very attractive: one itty bitty stompbox.  Can't get much more portable in an electric setup than that. 

Stay tuned.  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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