[Harp-L] my diatonic harp tab for Georgia in 12th position

I just finished this revised tab of Georgia in 12th position with rhythm notation. My student was having trouble with my old tab which was numbers with no indication of rhythm.  It made some of the riffs hard to understand. This should be easier to follow. Also, after re-tabbing this, I realize that there are other ways (notes and rhythms) that can sound just as good or better. Case in point, I just looked at the backing track on the link below, and realized I could get some notes and rhythms from it. Oh well. the tab is good enough as it is right now.

Georgia in 12th position for diatonic harmonica

here is a goo Youtube backing track in F. Use your C harp

Jim Rumbaugh
The Harmonica Club of Huntington, WV

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