[Harp-L] who to call at Hohner?

I want to contact Hohner and remind them of the wrongness of their idea to not put inserts for bolts into the mpc holes on the deluxe 270's, as would make sense to anyone who has chosen to use them as their weapon of choice. (Probably me and three other players, tops).

Anyone know the names / email addresses of anyone at Hohner high up enough to at least get an apology from them?
Or even get the German version of  "Gee, we hadn't thought of that, thanks", or "we're concentrating on improving the pitch of our Kazoos these days".....

thanks, and yes, I put inserts or toothpicks in when needed, but it's something that should have been already done, as far as I can tell.
And I'm running out of toothpicks..... they don't grow on trees, you know....

Ok,yes, they do, but you get what I mean.


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