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My experience with wireless is generally  very good.  However, the rig is mainly home made   I played regularly in pop, blues and jazz bands.  As many of the gigs were in small venues and the bands included enthusiastic acoustic drummners, saxophones and overdriven guitars I became fed up with not hearing myself i.e. damn difficult to play.  So I 'designed' a belt clipped box that an electret mic could be connected too which used a wireless guitar bug to a T-Bone wireless receiver (already had these as I play guitar as well ).  In the box there is a tap to a small headphone type amplifer which feeds an earpiece as a local monitor.  There are controls for main volume and earpiece volume.

I must make it plain that I am not an electronics expert.  I can solder and do basic wiring.  All the parts are from high street electronics suppliers or ebay.  For example;

The preamp and headphone amplifier are encapsulated units from Maplins electronic store - no assembly required - just connect the leads to other bits according to the supplied wiring diagram.

The mic is a unidirectional (reduces feedback problems) tieclip type from ebay suppliers (I hold it between my fingers)
The earpiece is a mono unit from ebay

Other than a couple of potentiometers there is nothing much else.

As far as I'm concerned the rig works great - I can hear myself and move around to get out of the way of the drums!.  The mics are clean so grit etc comes from adjusting the amp/effects boxes.

At least one other band was so impressed with the idea when they saw me using it that they have made a similar system.  Probably a lot better than mine as one of them is an electronics engineer.

May not be much help but this is what I do.

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