[Harp-L] 2015 Harmonica Collective - time is running out!

Time is running out to register for the Harmonica Collective (April 28-May 2).

This year you can hang with and learn from Mitch Kashmar, PT Gazell, Richard Sleigh, Jason Ricci, and Winslow Yerxa. As always, Buzz Krantz will bring his inimitable, outrageous style to the proceedings.

Here's what youth attendee Jarred Goldwebber had to say about the Collective on Facebook:
Are you are a harmonica player that is looking for an opportunity of a lifetime? then you have stumbled upon the right post. Harmonica masters Jason Ricci and Winslow Yerxa have organized an event that has brought a personal harmonica experience like no other. Here at this camp you will be taught by fantastic harmonica players that have shaped the harmonica's history including PT Gazelle, Mitch Kashmar, and Richard Sleigh (and of course the Santa Claus of the blues Mr. Buzz Krantz) i attended this camp last year and I was so grateful to be learning from a collection of experts of this caliber. Unfortunately, i will not be attending the harmonica collective this year but that doesn't mean you should!


We offer one of the greatest values in the business â just compare our $499 tuition with Jon Gindickâs $995 tuition or JP Allenâs $2,150 (which includes dinners but not airfare to Hawaii). True, there are some cheaper events out there as well, but none that pack the punch or offer the breadth and depth (and the fun!) of the Harmonica Collective.
For more info, and to register, visit http://harmonicacollective.com

Winslow Yerxa
Producer, the Harmonica Collective
Author, Harmonica For Dummies, ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5
            Harmonica Basics For Dummies, ASIN B005KIYPFS
            Blues Harmonica For Dummies, ISBN 978-1-1182-5269-7
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Instructor, Jazzschool Community Music School

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