[Harp-L] Suzuki Overdrive

Does anyone here actually use the Suzuki Overdrive on a regular basis?  I
bought one when they first came out - how long has that been - 10 years
ago?   I never really got used to finding the overblow finger holes in the
covers.   Maybe if I'd played it regularly over all these years I'd be used
to it by now.

But tonight I have a gig where I need a G harp.   Digging through my harps
I came up with a Hohner Blues Harp and the Suzuki Overdrive.   I'll be
playing with an amplified band and G harps being pitched rather low,  I'm
already anticipating being drowned out by the band.

But comparing the Blues Harp to the Overdrive,  the Overdrive seems to have
a brighter sound, similar to a Suzuki Firebreath which is always my
favorite harp for "cutting through" the band.

So I'm thinking about using the Overdrive on the gig tonight.   Maybe I'll
even pop a #6 overblow or two during the song just for the hell of it,  if
I can find the right finger hole!

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