[Harp-L] 8 week harmonica class in Brooklyn

Re learning to play fiddle tunes and old time music in first position. I'll throw my hat into the ring here.

First, nothing beats face to face lessons from a master. So attending Trip's classes in Brooklyn or taking Winslow's Skype lessons top the list.

Failing that, online is next best, as there is more scope for audio demonstration than with a book/CD. That being so, I think that my Harmonica Academy lessons have the most complete program for learning fiddle tunes in first, second and third position.

The course outline is at http://www.harmonicaacademy.com/categories/20080307_10

The tune list for the course is at http://www.harmonicaacademy.com/categories/20080307_18

As I said, I think that I have the only site that does this. If there are other sites that do similar or better, than I'll gladly stand corrected.

Tony Eyers
everyone plays...

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