[Harp-L] Mississippi Queen

Hi all,

I recorded a performance of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" in my living room last week.  The vocals and lead harp (coming through a "slide guitar" patch I set up on my Digitech RP500) are performed live; the backing instruments (drums, bass, and harmonica) were prerecorded and loaded into my JamMan Stereo looper for playback.  

The backing tracks include a harmonica played through an autowah, a sound that never seems to get tired. Added to the "slide guitar" sound, it's big and tough.

There's no reason why sounds like this couldn't be created in real time by 2-3 harmonica players.  The vast majority of harmonica trios are oriented to acoustic instruments, which is fine so far as it goes, but making the leap to electric sounds opens up a lot of territory.

I'll put a few more pieces from this session up on my site in the next week or so.  In the meantime, enjoy this one.


Regards, Richard Hunter

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