[Harp-L] KHS Music buy Hohner Outright

I'm not sure if anyone posted this before, but KHS International of Taiwan,
(who have had a controlling interesting in Hohner since 1997), bought Hohner
outright earlier this year via their USA subsidiary:


"KHS America, Inc. has announced plans to acquire Hohner Inc. from Matth.
Hohner GmbH in Trossingen, Germany  .Transfer of ownership will take place
today, January 12, 2015."


Here's a link to the full story:



Strangely, this exciting news is not mentioned on either the KHS or Hohner


Soooo.. Finally the dream has come true: Americans have a (sort-of)
USA-owned harmonica brand to be proud of! 


Isn't globalisation a wonderful thing?



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