[Harp-L] Re: Popper and Fender Harp

The red knob version of the Twin has long been a go-to amp for  Charlie 
Musslewhite. He plays harp through one channel and guitar through the  other, 
gets GREAT harp tone with that setup.  I had to source one for  him for a 
festival, wound up finding it for a decent price and  bought it outright. If 
you want to hear how it sounds Charlie told me  he used one to record the 
"Delta Hardware" album.  But yes, it's  stupidly heavy, 85 pounds, I wanted to 
keep it but getting it in and  out of my car was a deal breaker.  Sold it to 
a player 20 years  younger who said he'd get buff carrying it around.  Used 
it for a  while, sounded great even in a smallish room, but when I asked a 
few months  later his response was "this -expletive deleted- thing is  
killin' me". 
I saw another famous harp player using TWO twins -not  the red knob 
version- ganged together on a festival stage, that  setup sounded very nice as 
well.  Overkill for a coffee shop, but the  Twin Reverb is indeed useable for 
bigger stages.
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Microphones - Harmonica Planet.com
Staging & Production - SPAH
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The  problem is that the amp is a Fender Twin Reverb.  Anybody here evver 
try  to play a green bullet or maybe a JT-30 through a Twin?  I would venture 
 to guess not.  If you had, we all would have heard it because those  
things are so heavy and loud that the feekback it would produce would bust out  
windows coast to coast.

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