[Harp-L] Announcing the new Memphis Mini Blues Harmonica Delay Pedal

Video:  http://youtu.be/Yn1PlM16MZU

Web page:  http://www.memphisbluesamps.com/delay

In this video Nic Clark plays the new Memphis Mini Blues Harmonica Delay
with the Memphis Mini amp.  it's a warm sounding digital delay pedal built
to our specs.  The delay tails have a nice organic decay.  True bypass,
metal housing, very well built.  Introductory selling price will be $69
with free shipping in USA.

I shot this video at Ziggies in Denver before the Sunday Blues Jam.  The
club is kind of dim and the camera is a little shaky and low res but the
audio is good.  It gives you a very good idea of the sound of the new MM
Delay in a small to medium sized club.

This is a great sounding delay for a player who wants to get his tone a
little wet.  I think less is more with delays (as with most effects).  In
this video the three controls (Level, Delay, and Repeat) are all set at the
9 o'clock position, giving the tone a nice fat slap-back sound.  The pedal
has the capacity to get more of a Space Echo sound if that is what you're
into.  The delay intervals can be dialed in from 25ms to 450ms, and the
number of repeats from one to infinity.

As I mentioned above the pedal housing is metal. It feels very solid.  The
controls rotate smoothly with a good feel, and the On/Off button is hefty
with a solid click.  You can power it with a 9v battery or power supply,
which are not included.

There are lots of delay pedals out there, some of which are way
over-priced.  This MM Delay is a lot like the Memphis Mini amp:  It sounds
great for a lot less money.  It's a quality, no-nonsense addition to your
rig that won't break your bank.  $69 delivered is a very fair price.

The roll-out date is coming soon for the MM Delay and we will begin taking
pre-orders, so stay tuned!.

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