Re: [Harp-L] horn sounds from the RP355

Are you talking about slurs and single tonguing, double tonguing and triple tonguing?

Check out youtube teaching videos that demonstrate  how to execute these articulations. 

Also note that trumpets and fluglehorns come in Bb but that trumpets also come in several keys -- C, D, Eb and that little bitty piccolo trumpet with four valves (instead of standard 3) plays in Bb and A.

If you're looking for the sound of a Harmon mute (Sugar Blues) or a cup mute -- this may be in the realm of the 355. check youtube for the sounds.

When I want the sound of a Harmon mute, I get out my pocket trumpet.

Hope this helps,


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Have some cool arrangements of some songs Iâd like to record.
Just wondering
how to emulate a horn-like attack with the 355. Looking for more of a
trumpet/fluglehorn kind of attack.
Thanks for any and all

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