[Harp-L] Bagpipe Harmonica

Robert Hale inquires:

â"What are the characteristics of a highland bagpipe?
- two drone reeds and one melody reed?"

I first heard James Conway play the bagpipe harmonica a few years ago. I
asked him how it was tuned and I tuned up a few for the fun. I got great
enjoyment from them. I used a low D harp and tuned it according to James

First hole blow is already in D, the draw E tuned to D. The second hole is
tuned to A, blow and draw. The third hole is also tuned to A blow and the
draw is C natural or flattened 7th. The scale starts on 4, again the 7th is
flattened on the 7th hole draw to C natural. Real handy for playing
Norwegian Wood with a drone. Here is a recording of myself playing a medley
of tunes, Norwegian wood I think is on this recording and a couple of old
timey tunes. Its on Facebook so not sure if ye can view it. If not there is
another link to Youtube with me playing an old timey tune:



You don't have to flatten the seventh, you can have it major. But I like
the flattened seventh.
Incidentally, if anyone would like one of these harmonicas send me an email
and I can post you out one for a reasonable price;)

The harmonica is very hypnotic and very enjoyable and easy to play. It
always impresses people when they hear it as it a sound not often if ever
heard by people. So it automatically grabs their attention. Great harp to
have in your armour.

Harmonically yours,

Cathal Johnson


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