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I love the sound of the Irish Uillean pipes Michelle and that is a great video.

I first came across the irish pipes watching a performance by Davy Spillane on Riverdance. The melody he played is called (Caoineadh Cu Chulainn) and I found it a most powerful and moving performance.

Here is the video:-

I tried to capture some of the essence of the pipes on harmonica on his song.
but it's missing that wonderful drone and soaring sound (a looper sounds a good option for the drone)- must give it another try!

I also wrote this harmonica part for my Dad R.I.P as a pipe style lament called 'In memory'
Grey Owl, your tunes are simply beautiful!

I'd love to hear them with a drone. I recall somewhere seeing someone use a blown-up balloon hooked to a harmonica to create a drone effect. I don't know, maybe I was dreaming. I should find a balloon and try it.

Thanks for those tunes,


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