[Harp-L] Updates to Huntersounds patch set for Digitech RP500/1000 coming soon

Hi all,

It's been a while since I did a major update to my patch sets for the Digitech RP series.  The reason is straightforward: with the version 16 sets I created for the RP355 and below, and the v18 sets for the RP360, 500, and 1000, I covered a lot of territory, including solid versions of bread-and-butter sounds and some complex tones that took the harmonica into very new roles.  To put it another way, I didn't feel that much more was needed for the vast majority of players.

Now I have a reason for an update.  The more I work with the Digitech RP500, the more I realize how flexible and powerful it is in live performance.  When the 500 is in "pedalboard" mode, the individual footswitches (of which there are 5) turn individual FX--compression, distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb--on and off, radically altering the sound of the device with a single footpress.  As an example, I can set up a patch that sounds like a sweet, simple hall reverb, and with a footpress or two turn it into a vibrating, distorted beast of a tone.  Or vice versa.  That's a lot of power for anybody armed with one of these devices and my patch set.

So I'm working now on a set of patches for the RP500/1000 that will provide the user with a full range of FX options for every patch. As with any FX chain, you don't have to use all the options.  But they'll be there.  When you bring a patch up, you might hear a Chicago-style amped blues sound; but a rotary speaker, or a vibrato, or an octave double, or a ring modulated distortion effect will be one footpress away.  I've already done something similar in my RP360 patch set, but the feature is more expansive in the 500 and 1000, and easier to use in performance as well.

This update is my first for the RP500/1000 in a year, and it will be available to all RP500/1000 licensees for free.  Enjoy.

Regards, Richard Hunter

author, "Jazz Harp" (Oak Publications, NYC)
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