[Harp-L] Foot Tambourine

I was checking out the local music store in Petoskey looking for a desktop music stand and stumbled on a Foot Tambourine, which I had been thinking about in vague terms. Now, this won't turn the average harmonica player into a one-man band, but it will add a bit of rhythm. It fits on the foot over the shoe with an elastic strap and has four of the tambourine jingley-things.

No batteries required. Also works as a self-contained no-windup metronome.

Better than just tapping the naked foot.

Costs about $12. Mine is red.

Made in Taiwan and label written by non-English speaker: Patend pending comes out: "patended pinning" and "Ideal for cajon (sic) and guitar players)

For $12, it's a deal and a lot cheaper (in time spend) than trying to make one of these rascals.


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