Re: [Harp-L] Amp for Guitar and Harmonica?

I did a gig in Munich several years ago with a local band, and they used a
Schertler David two channel combo amp for the whole group, with an extra
mini mixer to get more inputs. I was really impressed with the tone and
volume from such a small unit, and  I subsequently bought the 3 channel
Unico. It's great, though I would have liked a dedicated mini-jack input and
digital reverb instead of spring. Here's the Schertler range:


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but probably the favourite combo
amp for guitarist/singers in Europe is the AER, in various models:
emid=100385&lang=en> &view=article&id=381&Itemid=100385&lang=en


The Lunchbox Acoustic is a great small solution:


So many good combo amps around these days, it's hard to choose!






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