[Harp-L] Re: Amp for Guitar & Harmonica?

It's a complex question, hard to provide an answer on harp-l that will  
cover all the possibilities.  If you contact me off list I can walk  you 
through the variables with the amp question, as well as help you  to select a type 
of mic that will work well with your individual  situation and preferences. 
Give me a shout at the Harmonica Planet website.   No  obligation, glad to 
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Microphones - www. harmonicaplanet.com
Co Producer - Greeley Blues Jam  www. greeleybluesjam.com
Staging & Production - SPAH  www. spah.org
Harmonica & Vocals - The Well Diggers

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harp-l-request@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hey all,  Do any of you use the same amp for both electric guitar and 
harmonica?   Or do you have any recommendations of what might  work?

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