[Harp-L] Amp for Guitar and Harmonica?

 I agree with George.  The Fishman Loudbox Amps are great!  I have an older model (Loudbox Performer Pro) http://www.fishman.com/product/loudbox-performer-2005-2011.  Its been discontinued, but their current Performer model has more power and may be a bit lighter.  You can still find the old model selling used on eBay and Amazon.

What is great about these amps is that they are really clean and translate the sound of the instrument(s) accurately.  I use it as a backline amp at a local showcase/ open mic and it kicks out great sound on stage and also feeds the house system.  I have to change instruments often for different groups and it has handled, vocals, harmonica, all kinds of guitars (acoustic and electric), keyboards, a real Irish harp with pickup, mandolins, uke's, and more.  The eq is clean and the fx simple but useful.  

It can cover being a whole mini PA for a small venue as a guitar/ (ch 1) vocal/ harp mic/ (ch 2) with the aux input available for an outboard mixer or other instrument.  That allows it to act as another monitor source.  The Artist and Mini models have less power, but are more portable and less drain on the wallet.

This might not be the best amp choice for a dedicated Trad. harp- tube amp tone or heavy distorted electric guitar.  The key is its "clean" power.
However, you could run an RP 5xx with some of Richard Hunter's amp sims into the second channel for wide range of amp tones.  Every time I've played a gig or run sound for a show with this amp in the mix, the performers always have positive feedback and the house/ sound mixers very impressed when I just hand them a mix feed or direct channel outputs from the amp for the house.  

If I were looking today, I might consider the "Artist" model George mentions as its more portable, much lighter, and all the same features as the Performer with just a bit less power.  You can view the whole lineup here.


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Here is my amp. Fantastic all around sound. Fish
man LoudBox

George Miklas




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