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Yeah, but he says you two have the same sense of humor. Non true. His is dry and yours is wet.


On Jun 20, 2015, at 11:54 PM, rosco wrote:

> PT Gazell is one of my favorite harp players AND one of my favorite people.
> It is an awesome feeling to read this review of my CD and know that he digs
> it. Thanks, PT!
> PT writes:
> "Kneaded and Thrown"
> Ron "Rosco" Selly
> First of all, I feel compelled to make a full disclosure about my history
> with Rosco. We were introduced to each other in 2003 and immediately hit it
> off.  It was like reuniting with a close friend that you went all through
> school with. We both had the same sense of humor, we were both raised in
> the upper Midwest, we were both pretty much the same age. Musically,
> however we were on different paths. I was exploring jazz standards &
> American Song Book selections while Rosco was involved in the now defunct
> group " Au.gust." I always liked that group because the harmonica was
> being used to play a lot of unison and harmony parts with guitar. A tall
> order when you have to play chromatically using guitar phrasing. Rosco
> pulled it off brilliantly.
> Since the demise of " Au.gust," I have been aware of Rosco being
> involved in various duos and trios, but only at arms length. Recently he
> sent me a CD titled "Kneaded & Thrown." A quick look at the back revealed
> that Rosco had penned all nine songs...who knew! I admit to thinking of him
> as just another great harmonica player in a supporting role. It turns out
> he writes some very intricate and well crafted songs which use the
> harmonica sparingly, but effectively.
> As is often the case, one can hear snippets of who a songwriter was
> influenced by while they were learning their craft. I suspect Rosco
> listened to the following at an early age, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The
> Byrds, The Hollies, & Poco. Don't get me wrong here, these songs are truly
> his own's just kinda like still being able to hear some elements
> of Charlie McCoy's style in my's a good thing.
> Fair warning here...this is not a harmonica project. It is nine well
> written songs which are a culmination of many years of performing and
> absorbing music and life. The harmonica that is included is extremely well
> done.
> The overall maturity of all the participants makes this a real easy
> listen.There's an obvious comfort level among all the musicians on this
> project. Several are from " Au.gust" and others are friends Rosco has
> made music with for many years. This is apparent in how the selections are
> arranged and performed. The playing is a tasteful underpinning using
> dynamics and clever riffs to showcase Rosco's vocals and stories.
> A few thoughts about some of the songs:
> "Home" ~ features a fiddle with Rosco doing harmony parts on harmonica. I
> had to listen several times to make sure it was not the fiddle doing his
> own harmony. Very well done!
> "7am" ~ this poignant story is dedicated to Chris Michalek who left us way
> to early with too little recorded history. Rosco, delivers some very nice
> soloing here....obviously channeling his friend.
> "Recoil" ~ very cool song idea set around the Civil War, in addition to
> several other pointless conflicts we've participated in. The band really
> shines on this one. Excellent guitar work here. Nice amped third position
> solo by Rosco.
> "Miles From Nowhere" ~ my personal favorite on the project. Maybe because I
> have had everyone of these thoughts over the years. Spot on here for anyone
> who has every been out on the road for any period of time.
> "In A While" ~ the perfect way to finish the journey. A ballad with a very
> nice amped harmonica solo which improvises on the know how I
> feel about that kind of thing!
> Like I said ... Who knew? Well I'm glad I found out. You should too!
> Also available for down load on iTunes
> PT Gazell
> -- 
> Later,
> Ron 'Rosco' Selley
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