[Harp-L] Re: Paul Butterfield R&R Hall of Fame induction

I don't get it either... why not Elvin Bishop?    He's out there touring & 
sounds great, just played the Greeley  Blues Jam last weekend where Jason 
was also on the bill.  Elvin  even brought up Jason during his set, it was a 
nice  moment.  
The RR HOF tribute set to the Paul Butterfeild Blues  BAND minus the 
original guitar player, it's just wrong.
BTW, Jason killed it in Greeley CO, was great to see him return to this  
Christopher Richards
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That's  terrific insight Tom, and I agree with the comments. It was 
amazing to see  Jason up there, but the presentation and musicians 
selected as a whole was  very disappointing.  Gary Clark Jr would have 
been a better choice  than Zac Brown or Tom Morello, 

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