[Harp-L] Price drop on Digitech RP500s

I've noticed in the last few days that new Digitech RP500s have dropped down to $200 at guitar center, musiciansfriend.com, etc. That means that a new RP500 now sells for the same price as a new RP360XP.

Both these devices sound wonderful--in fact, both have the same collection of amp, cabinet, and FX models.  But the RP500 has a really nice collection of performance features, like dedicated footswitches for FX on/off, that make it a real joy to perform with.  If you need something compact, the 360 is of course preferred, but if you have the space at your feet and in your gear bag, a 500 is the way to go.

Simultaneously, it appears that the RP355 is no longer being sold new.  Given that now both the 360 and 500 are available at the 355's former retail price, and that both the 360 and 500 offer enhanced versions of the features and sounds in the 355, that's not a problem for anyone.  I suspect that a lot of good deals on used 355s will be available for anyone who wants them.  And of course, my patch sets will be available for all these devices for the foreseeable future.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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