RE; [Harp-L] Harp Amp Speaker Codes

Hi Hal,
Mark is correct.

371106 would be manufactured by Best in the 6th week of either 1951 or 1961
371432 would be manufactured by Best in the 32nd week of either 1954 or 1964.

No idea on the other two...

I have two early to mid 50s Premier harp/guitar amps I'm planning on putting on ebay but I have no idea what brand the speakers are. If possible, I like to include that data.

I searched the web but while finding a couple sites with 65 brand names, non
matched the codes on either the Premier 50 or the Premier 110.

The 8" speaker stamped codes are: 8221 & 371106

The 10" codes are: 7004-1 & 371432

Thanx for any assistance here.


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