Re: [Harp-L] A good harp to replace a marine band after45 years??

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So youâve had one harp for 45 years and need a new one? Or youâve been playing Hohners for 45 years and are curious about whatâs beyond your horizon? Either way, there is no shortage of good harmonicas: Suzuki, Seydel, Lee Oskar, Herring, Huang, Bends . . . buy âem and play âem. Like what you hear buy more. Donât like it? Move on to the next. I mostly play a set of Marine Bands customized by Joe Spires, with one instrument by Jimmy Gordon. Before that I played Lee Oskars. I also Like the Suzuki Manjis. Some people find the sound too bright. Shrug . . . you wonât know what works for YOU until you play the instrument yourself.


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