[Harp-L] Chris Michalek Customized Golden Melody on Ebay

Hi Rick. I really hateÂto see you have spent your money on a custom harmonica that is not satisfactory.ÂÂI will be glad to make your BuddaÂHarp playable for lyou. No Charge. Just out of respect for Chris Michalek.
Harvey Berman AKA HarveyHarp. 
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Yeah...I've got a Michalek harp, hardly played. It's hardly played because
it was too hard to play. My fillings used to come loose from the high
frequency squawk,
to say nothing of the damage to my hearing. There must be an 'embouchure'
that stops a fully embossed 'overblow' harp from causing this kind of
distress, but I don't have it. Bloody things bring tears to my eyes.

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