Re: [Harp-L] Butterfield BB Hall of Fame induction

Keep in mind that Rock n' Roll is now big corporate business. Paul Shaffer picked the musicians and he is definitely a corporate man.

Musicians picked were for commercial mainstream interest - thrown together w/harmonica to sorta kinda represent PB, but more for guitar hero younger audience excitement.

Didn't think the song they played worked on many different levels and sure did not show a cohesive band.

Best choice would have been Rob Paparozzi and his Electric Butter collective - more in the spirit of Butterfield and his band.

To get a handle on how rock and roll has sold out, watch some scenes on youtube from "Almost Famous" and Lester Bangs' dialogue

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I agree Winslow. I'm a big Butterfield fan and didn't care for the presentation
of his music. Jason plays great, but it was definitely guitar hero time.
in Minn.


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