[Harp-L] The worst harmonica ever sold

Greetings to all my old pals at Harp-l. I hope you are all doing well.

Since Harp-l is read by new players who are just learning, I'd like to post this warning.

Story: I was driving to a session this morning when I remembered that I had taken the F harp out of my box and left it out, and did not have an F harp. Even though I knew that I wasnât going to be using an F harp on this session, I did not feel comfortable walking into the job without an F, so I stopped off at the local Guitar Center. I did not want to pay $43 for a Special 20 (yeesh) so I plunked down $16 for a Hohner Hot Metal harmonica.

I didn't have to use it on the session and didn't even try it until I got home, but I think it is important to let new harp players know that the Hohner Hot Metal harmonica is simply the worst harmonica I have ever played, or tried to play anyway. Almost none of the air that is supposed to move reeds went anywhere near a read. Mostly all you could hear was a windy, hissing sound, with harmonica reeds somewhere in the distance.

New players: You will never learn how to play and you will almost certainly lose interest in playing if you make this your first harmonica.

I know that there are Hohner employees on this list, or at least there used to be. I'm certain none of you are responsible for the company foisting this terrible product on the public, and probably wish the people responsible for it were gone from the company.

Please contact me offline at harmonica@xxxxxxxxx to let me know how I can return this appalling waste of metal and plastic for a refund.


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