Re: [Harp-L] Little Walter is overrated

Over the years, diatonic playing has moved on. But Marion Walter Jacob  
inspired me . When I was 13 years old I heard "The Best of Little Walter" Chess 
 LP. I could not believe that a diatonic harmonica could make such 
wonderful  music.
Some 21st century harp players have surpassed Walter's technical ability.  
But they have NOT made "better  music!"
Just different music.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in bonnie Scotland.
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> Ok, I've been on harp-L since  the mid 90's.  Love the list.  It suddenly
> occurred to me  that Little Walter is overrated, I have the complete LW CD
> set.   Like some of the tunes.  Some good harp playing.  I guess it  was
> innovative at the time.  Compared to what the folks on this  list are 
> not so much.  Case in point:  Chicken  Shack.  A quick YouTube search 
> an awesome version by Paul  Harrington. 
> I was pointed  back to the Little Walter version.  No comparison.  Paul  
> butt. Yeah, LW was a pioneer.  So was Daniel Boone.   So what!  Am I 
> something?  Personally, I like almost  all contemporary players better.  
> because he was the first,  does that make him the best?  Sorry, I don't 
> it.  Give  me BW, Butter, Slim Harpo, Sonny Terry anytime.  I just think  
> guy is over rated.
> Fred S

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