Re: [Harp-L] Re. Low Tuned Harps

I just got a Seydel Soloist Pro 12 in low C and it is incredible...tone and 
 vibration is every bit as great as
the Thunderbird.  Am awaiting arrival of Suzuki Manji M-20 in low C  and 
will report.
Blues Girl Phyllis
Isn't it wonderful the  way the world holds both the deeply serious, and 
the unexpectedly  mirthful?

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In terms  of OTB low harps, I'd like to put a word in for the Hohner

Joe Filisko and Hohner did a great job with adjusting the reed  profiling to
make a responsive low-range harp in the same size as a normal  10 hole,
really impressive! The heavy-duty covers are nice too, with the  conical
shape of the lower one working well to stop the low draw reeds  from

I'm enjoying using Thunderbird reedplates to  make up my personal 'Lucky 13'
Stretch Harps. I slice them at hole 4,  keeping the low end. I have
Thunderbird reedplates in holes 1-3, and  PowerBender tuned SUB30 reedplates
in holes 4-13. Both sets of plates are  set in a lipped 13 hole comb made
from two 10 hole plastic combs (the front  lips mask the joins in the
reedplates), with Hohner 364 covers. This gives  me a 3 octave all-bending
harp plus an extra low end for fat chording - 4  octaves altogether in a
small size. Lots of fun!

I haven't  tried Suzuki's new low-range harps, how do they compare to  the




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