[Harp-L] Attention Philadelphia!

I'm excited to announce my band The Downtown Shimmy will be playing a show
tonight (Friday June 12th) at Burlap & Bean, right outside of Philly. Our
debut CD had it's second printing a few months ago, featuring original
music that draws from roots, blues, New Orleans, folk, soul, and other
traditions steeped in groove. We've built up a reputation in the dance
scene playing for big dance events across the country. Our goal is to play
music that moves on every level, from body to soul.

Joining us on the co-bill is Danielle Miraglia, a hot singer/guitarist from
Boston who's celebrating her CD release.

This is going to one fun night! If you can make out to show please stop by
and say hi.



P.S. The deets:

    The Downtown Shimmy: www.thedowntownshimmy.com/
    Danielle Miraglia: www.daniellem.com/

    FB Event: www.facebook.com/events/1060846060610090/
    Buralp & Bean: http://www.burlapandbean.com/events.htm#20150612

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