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I don't think Yvonnick is in NY.  This album, "Home" is from Cohen's  
travels to various countries.  It has
vibes as well as steel drums.  Very cool cuts and all written by  Cohen.
Blues Girl Phyllis
Isn't it wonderful the  way the world holds both the deeply serious, and 
the unexpectedly  mirthful?

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Was reading the newspaper the other day...more people  ought to try
it...and ran across a snippet on a new jazz recording by  bassist Lorin
Cohen.  The instrumentation intrigued me because it  included steel pans and
harmonica.  And the whole band seems to be  touring together in support of
the cd.  The musicianship is superb,  even if the tunes make me feel a bit
like I'm in an art gallery viewing  landscapes.  Unfortunately, harmonica
player Yvonnick Prene is not on  every cut but acquits himself well on  
two: solo starts  at 2:31  solo starts  a 4:52

If Prene is working out of New York City these  days, that would give the
Big Apple three very stylistically distinct and  highly skilled jazz
chromatic players:  William Galison, Hendrik  Meurkens, and Yvonnick Prene.

Mick  Zaklan

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