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I'm playing Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel SBS-type low harmonicas when possible. The low-notes are very saxophone-like and are great for octave-blocking.

I have also found that Session configurable or Session Steel configurable harps made with holes 2-11 of a corresponding 12-hole harp are very useful, cheaper, and almost as useful for my purposes. I especially like the Bb (Bb/LD) which starts on LD nicely covering the range of an alto sax. The keys of F and Eb are a bit high for me on a conventional 10-hole, so I likewise enjoy the corresponding harps in the configured Session Steel.

Try a low C, or low D Seydel Solist Pro 12-hole and hear for yourself.

I have never had any trouble with reed-breakage other than normal wear, or in a couple cases. abuse by me such as trying to overblow a draw-valved hole or going for a note that simply isn't there.

Greg Jones at has made reed repairs and has done some customization for me. I recommend him as a source for Seydel harps and parts as well as repairs and customization.


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Looking to buy low tuned harmonicas...anybody could give some advice in whats good for the money?

Jeferson Florisbal Lima
Harp' Mind!

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