RE: [Harp-L] Radical 3D Printed Combs for the Hohner 270

Hi Daniel,


I just realised you CCâd me from Harp-L, so moving this back to the list:


Mine is an FDM Makerbot-type printer, using 1.75mm ABS filament. The time taken to print a typical 12 hole chromatic comb depends on the setting you use, but for decent quality and detail itâs about 2 hours.


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Hello again Brendan


Just curious. What type of 3d-printer were these combs made on and what was the thickness of the ABS filament. The combs look nice. How long does take to make one?


Always nice to hear what you are doing with harps!



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Hi Daniel,


They come out of the printer that way, but if you check the pics you will see that the combs get sanded once the reedplates are on:


I show how in this video at 11:00:


Yes, 260 combs coming shortly J


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Hi Brendan


Does the relatively grainy surface (compared to wood or a machined acrylic comb) of most 3D-printed surfaces lead to increased air leaks at the interface of comb and reed plates or comb and mouthpiece? I am very curious about the state of the art. Also, will you be making any combs for the 260? 



On Saturday, June 6, 2015, Brendan Power <bren@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Hohner Chromonica is THE classic chromatic harmonica. Alongside the
Marine Band 1896, the 270 Chromonica is an iconic model that's remained
virtually unchanged for over 100 years. Its small size, short-stroke slider
mechanism and warm tone have an enduring appeal - but often a 270 stops
working well because of warping and cracking problems with the pearwood

For the first time, I'm bringing the 21st Century maker tech of 3D printing
to breathe fresh life (literally!) into this venerable classic with my
radical own-design Power Combs, in two models. 3D printing in stable
non-absorbent ABS plastic eliminates cracking/warping, and allows the
inclusion of complex internal chamber shapes to optimise airflow and reduce
chamber volume, for improved reed response throughout the range. I also
incorporate screwed reedplate attachment, to allow easy repeated
disassembly. And it's not all dry and scientific; 3D printing allows me to
offer lots of bright, cheerful colours to tart up this grand old lady of the
harmonica world!

I'm offering the combs finished, or in a raw un-sanded state, with
attachment screws. 270 owners can do the install themselves, by following
along with a real-time 20 minute video showing how to replace the original
nailed wood comb with the screwed-on Power Comb. More info and ordering

Below is a direct link to the assembly video. Even if you just want improve
your existing 270 without a new comb, this video gives lots of useful
technical advice:

Hohner 270 POWER COMB: Fitting Instructions from Brendan Power <> 

For those not confident to do the assembly themselves, I can also supply a
fully-assembled new 270 with Power Comb.





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<Comb Fronts Sanded Flush 1.JPG>

<Comb Fronts Sanded Flush 2.JPG>

<Comb Fronts Sanded Flush 3.JPG>

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