[Harp-L] Brendan's combs

The new 3D printed combs look fantastic, Brendan.  I have a couple of questions.

For the Auto-Valve, first do you think it could be played without the mouthpiece?  I ask because I like to play single reed at times and wonder if this would be possible with the way the comb is recessed from the slot ends.  Second, does the new comb design help to make playing without valves feasible?  I have an AV extensively modified by Richard Sleigh and it is valveless, but this is probably a combination of comb and reedwork.  What is your take on valveless AVs with this new comb.  For the record, I've never found other Knittlinger octave harps no matter wether I've sealed up the comb and gapped tightly to work well without valves--too much breath.  But I hadn't done any chamber reprofiling on those.

For the 270--nice.  I can't help but think of Tate ramps when I see the comb, which brought up some very fond memories, so thank you for that.  Any thoughts of doing a comb like this for, say, older wood combed 280s?  Or maybe even the Miesterklasse (though there the mouthpiece may be more in need of reworking than the comb).  

Great to see this new technology being put to use improving the harmonica.  I will be getting an AV comb, that's definite.  Oh are you selling the mouthpiece with it?  Couldn't quite tell from the website--probably just reading blindness and it's obvious.

JR Ross

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